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Thursday, November 15, 2018
Disciples of Christ in Dexter, Missouri
October 3, 2018
Reconciliation webinar series explores immigration and criminal justice systems
Reconciliation Ministry
Last month, Reconciliation Ministry partnered with three other ministries to offer two webinars on issues impacting the Church and the world.

The first webinar, “Embracing the Call: Putting Out the Welcome Mat,” was presented by Reconciliation Ministry, Disciples Refugee and Immigration Ministries, and Disciples Immigration Legal Counsel.

In this discussion, leaders discussed what being a welcoming church really looks like. “It’s a message that people who cross that welcome mat aren’t just guests, but fully welcome members of the group,” Reconciliation Program Minister Rev. Bere Gil Soto says. “That’s the work of Reconciliation.”

The second webinar, “Beyond the Labels…The Humanization of God’s Children,” was presented by Reconciliation Ministry and the Prison and Jail Ministries of the National Benevolent Association.

In this conversation, the panel explored ways that individuals can respond to criminalization and incarceration, such as through the language we use about and with people impacted by those issues. “The way we are Christian is mediated through the language we use,” Gil Soto explains. “If we say we’re Christian, but the language we use doesn’t reflect our call to do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly, then we aren’t embracing that call.”
Reconciliation special offering received in many congregations this Sunday
This Reconciliation Special Offering (received in many congregations on Oct. 7) is used to fund our Church’s mission imperative to become a pro-reconciling and anti-racist church utilizing experiential education, inclusive worship and intentional dialogue.
Reconciliation Ministry's efforts to promote healing, relationship and restoration in the whole family of God are enlivened by funds from this offering. Through it we are able to provide programs for leadership development, curriculum for dialogue and learning, and partnerships within the Church and our communities.
Pension Fund offers resources for Week of Ministry
Since 1933, the Week of Ministry (celebrated on Oct. 7-13 this year) has served as a reminder to honor and celebrate the call to ministry. Pension Fund offers resources for congregations to celebrate those who serve, have served, and will serve in ministry.
Listen to Her Story: I Am Mary Advent devotionals available now
Carol Howard Merritt has wanted to write an Advent devotional for 17 years, after she experienced Advent while pregnant with her daughter. “With each kick, I embodied Advent longing,” she says in her Introduction to I Am Mary, Chalice Press’s new Advent devotional, available now. Merritt takes an intimate and inspiring journey with the young woman chosen by God to bear the Christ child, the light of the world.
“After the birth of our child, so many portrayals of Mary seemed trite, like washed-out watercolor versions of what must have happened,” says Merritt, author of Tribal Church: Ministering to the Missing Generation, as well as several other books. “Where was the pain of childbirth? Where was the messy, fleshy experience of incarnation? Why didn’t we hear more about the oppression women faced? It made no sense. Until I realized that I had been told this story only through the experience of men.”  
New this year are matching I Am Mary bulletins that extend the theme through your Advent and Christmas services. Each beautiful bulletin of Mary and child proclaims, “Here am I, the servant of the Lord…” (Luke 1:38) The bulletin comes in packs of 25 and must be ordered by Oct. 10 for Advent delivery. Learn more at  
Pacific Southwest Region Logo
Pacific Southwest region opens search for new leadership
The Board and Search Committee invite nominations and expressions of interest for the position of Regional Minister(s) of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the Pacific Southwest Region. We seek the leader(s) who understand(s) the diverse and changing context of the church and society, and who can offer a clear vision for ministry that draws all to Christ’s Table. The position begins on or about Sept. 1, 2019. Applications are due by Nov. 9, 2018.
Light a Candle With Children prayer vigil resources available
Now - October 21
“Realizing Our Vision for Our Children” 
Each week Family and Children's Ministries will post videos from those at the general, regional, and local levels to share with our children, youth, young adults and families. 
In a time when our children on the local, regional, and global scale are suffering, we are seeking to help our children, youth, young adults, and families know that we are praying, working, and living faithfully with them. 
Weekly Scriptures
Oct. 1-7, Week Two: Galatians 3:25-29
Oct. 8-14, Week Three: 1 John 3:18-23
Oct. 15-21, Week Four: Jeremiah 29:11-14
Oct. 21: Children’s Sabbath
General Nominating Committee seeks candidates for
2019-2021 Moderator Team and Class of 2022 General Board membership
Nominations due by November 2, 2018.
The General Nominating Committee (GNC) will be meeting in December to nominate the 2019 – 2021 Moderator Team and the next GNC class of the General Board. Each biennium, the GNC seeks nominations from across the life of the church for qualified persons to serve in these capacities.
Members of the Moderator Team serve two-year terms (the moderator-elect serves for four years). The GNC members of the General Board serve a four-year term. The paragraphs from The Design that describe the role of the moderators and general board members may be found here
The GNC has the responsibility of ensuring diverse leadership in the life of the church, including: clergy/laity, male/female, racial/ethnic, age and geographic representation.
We are also seeking to develop a database of persons with specific gifts and skills. This database will be available to general ministries who are seeking qualified board members.
If you know of a person who is qualified and gifted to provide faithful leadership to the church, please nominate them using by clicking this online nomination form.
Nominations are due no later than November 2, 2018.
2019 General Assembly resolution deadline and procedures available
The deadline for resolutions to be submitted for consideration at the 2019 General Assembly in Des Moines, Iowa, is Jan. 2, 2019. Resolutions may be submitted by e-mail to Beth Sullivan, Executive Assistant to the General Minister and President at, Resolutions may also be submitted by mail to: Office of General Minister and President, Attn: Beth Sullivan, 1099 N. Meridian St., Ste. 700, Indianapolis, IN 46204. Questions may be directed to Beth at (317) 713 2402. 
Details regarding General Assembly resolutions, including processing procedures may be found here.