First Christian Church
Friday, June 18, 2021
Disciples of Christ in Dexter, Missouri

Christian Women's Fellowship

 Our Purpose 
 To provide opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education and creative ministries to enable women to develop a sense of personal responsibility for the whole mission of the church. 

 Working Mission Statement

  • To be a place where each woman is valued as an individual, as a person in our faith community and as a unique child of God.
  • To empower women to use their voice in local congregations as well as the whole church to speak to faith issues from their perspective.
  • To challenge women as followers of Jesus to grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Bible and their faith.
  • To promote the development of supportive groups for women (in local congregations as well as throughout the whole church.)
  • To enable women to grow through leadership training, practice and experience.
  • To encourage women to enrich their faith experience through study and worship together and individually.
  • To strengthen the network of women throughout the whole church.
  • To call women to accept personal responsibility for the mission of the church.
"Life begins at 40,
but so do fallen arches,
rheumatism, faulty
eyesight, and the
tendency to tell a
story to the same person
three or four times."
Helen Roland Journalist

Christian Men's Fellowship         
CMF is a group of men in our church that meet on a regular basis to fellowship with one another and work on projects that benefit the church.
Jimmy Putnam, the current coordinator, invites you to join the men as they enjoy their annual Chili Cook and the Chicken and Dumplings Meal for fund raising projects.  They also have a fish fry each spring for just getting together and enjoying food and fellowship! 
The CMF group also sponsors a raffle ticket sale each year at the Stoddard County Fair.  The money collected from all the fund raising activities enables the men to support worthy projects within the church.
All men who attend the First Christian Church are welcome to their meetings and functions.  Watch the newsletter and the Web site calendar for the dates and times of their latest happenings.
The Evening Ladies Group have been enjoying our time together on Tuesday nights, working and cleaning within the church.  One of the most valuable parts of this Tuesday get  together, is that we are learning more about each other and becoming closer as women of faith.    We will continue to meet each Tuesday night.  Currently we are working to create the education resource room next to the sacristy.  Larry Thompson and Gary Williams have been helping us with the heavy tasks and we really appreciate them.   Another room that we are working on is the robeing room (Kim’s old office).  We are adding a table, hanging the mirror and decorations and  looking for a small love seat to make the room more comfortable and welcoming.   Two of the three filing cabinets currently there will be placed in Dr. Larry’s office for Pastor use.   We have a list of projects and realize that we cannot completed them overnight, but we are enthusiastic and look forward to the challenges ahead.


Once the decision was made to create the Easter Dinner Kits, for donation to the local Gospel Rescue Mission,  we went to work purchasing food, packing boxes, and tying bows.   Inside these white boxes tied up with a yellow bow, was  a boneless  ham, two boxes of mac and cheese, two cans of green beans, a yellow cake mix with a can of chocolate icing, a small bag of red potatoes, a bag of salad mix and a package of brown and serve rolls.  Also included was a festive Happy Easter cello bag with a chocolate bunny and Easter candy. The message included in the kits read, “This Easter Lunch Box is being provided to you with the prayer that your Easter Celebration will be made more meaningful knowing that God sees your needs.  Evening Ladies Group, First Christian Church, (Disciples of Christ), Dexter, MO.”   John 3:16 was quoted at the bottom of the page.   Twenty kits were  delivered to the mission on Thursday the 21st for pickup by the families that Kim Slavings, Mission director, selected to receive them.  What a wonderful way to make someone’s Easter special.  We have decided that this will be our annual outreach project and we expect the see the number of kits distributed grow significantly each year. 


The Baked Potato Dinner held on April 17 was deemed a success.  Approximately 85 members shared a meal of baked potatoes with topping selections including, bacon bits, butter, sour cream, chili, shredded chicken with rotel and cheese sauce, broccoli with cheese and tortilla chips.  The CWF  came through with flying colors providing the many various desserts and their help with desserts, drinks and clean up was appreciated. 


We invite any lady of the church who would like to be an Evening Lady to join our group.


The Chancel Choir is the main vocal ensemble of First Christian Church (DOC) and consists of High School through Adult singers.  The group is open to any person, without audition, who is interested in praising God through the gift of music. 
Rehearsals are every Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in the sanctuary, except holidays, mid-August through May.  The Chancel Choir sings for the weekly 10:00 a.m. Sunday service and for special seasonal services of the church.  Robin Reiffer is the Choir Director and Kim Williams is the Choir Pianist.
During the Advent season the Chancel Choir presents a Christmas cantata and through the year presents sacred music from a wide genre of styles and periods.  Come join us for great fellowship and the joy of singing God’s praises together!