First Christian Church
Friday, June 18, 2021
Disciples of Christ in Dexter, Missouri

Who We Are



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Our Beliefs and Practices
    Open Communion. The Lord’s Supper, or Communion is celebrated in weekly worship. It is open to all who believe in Jesus Christ.
    Freedom of belief.  Disciples are called together around one essential of faith: belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Persons are free to follow their consciences guided by the Bible, the Holy Spirit study and prayer, and are expected to extend that freedom to others.
    Baptism by immersion.  In baptism the old self-centered life is set aside, and a new life of trust in God begins. Although Disciples practice baptism by immersion, other baptism traditions are honored.
    Belief in the oneness of the church.  All Christians are called to be one in Christ and to seek opportunities for common witness and service.
    The ministry of believers. Both ministers and lay persons lead in worship, service and spiritual growth.
Our Creed
If you attend or belong to a Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) a spiritual thermometer will never be used to test the intensity of your faith. We don't recite creeds as a test of membership.
We have freedom in biblical study, interpretation and application.  We are free in matters of opinions about the meaning of scripture. We believe in a common sense attitude toward conversion, faith, and doctrine. We believe that First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Dexter could be a very worthwhile alternative church life for many in this community. If this type of church experience sounds meaningful, we feel you and your family will benefit greatly by studying and worshiping with us.
  Our Foundation
As members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we don't claim to be the only Christians or even the right Christians.  We don't believe we are destined to have a special place above others in the life to come. This is simply not the way we think in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)!
The following statement, first made in 1832, is very revealing... "We are not only Christians but Christians only."  This statement is as true today at the First Christian Church of Dexter as when it was first spoken.  We feel there are others in this community who have similar feelings about the church.  We think the First Christian Church can provide the setting for you to have a meaningful and rewarding church experience.
 The Bible
Alexander Campbell, one of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) forefathers, insisted that certain questions be asked about each book of the Bible.  For example, "Who wrote it?  Why was it written?  When was it written?  And what did it say then, and what does it say to us today?"
With this common sense attitude toward the Bible, Disciples of Christ have not become Biblical literalists. The Bible is not a weapon to overcome heresy and to prove ourselves right and others wrong. Instead, we see the Bible as God's Word of Love and Reconciliation.
The Bible provides the people in the Church direction in mission. The Bible gives spiritual food for a person's individual growth and maturity in the Christian faith. If our beliefs about the Word have struck a responsive chord in your heart, you will feel right at home in the First Christian Church of Dexter.
Mission Statement
The First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) of Dexter, Missouri is a community of open, caring and loving people who seek to give meaning to the words, "We have no creed but Christ." We, as individuals, search for God's purpose in our lives, and seek to bring others to Communion with God through our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Adopted unanimously by the church membership in its Annual Meeting, October 26, 2003.