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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Disciples of Christ in Dexter, Missouri
June 13, 2018
Capital Area church creates “prayground” for children
For Fairfax Christian Church, listening is an important part of worshiping in community.
To solicit suggestions for improvements, the church office conducted a congregational survey in 2017. One congregant’s response immediately captured the attention of the church’s leaders. That member missed listening to something more specific at church: the sounds of children.
Three years earlier, the church stopped offering a nursery for children during worship. For a small church, staffing a nursery with certified attendants became too burdensome. Still, the church wanted to attract young families, so they began looking for a way to include children in their worship planning.
Office manager and church treasurer Marnie DeVaughan took on this project right away. “I just ran with it,” she says.
In her research, DeVaughan came across the idea of a “prayground”: an area for children and their parents inthe sanctuary, as opposed to in a separate room.
This idea fit all the criteria Fairfax needed: it provided a safe, fun place for children – without requiring a separate area and staff of caretakers. Parents could sit with their children in the prayground while still participating in worship.
Next came building the prayground.
Poor People's Campaign hosts Rally to Fight Poverty
Fifty years ago, members of the first Poor People’s Campaign made their voices heard by camping out in Resurrection City, a tent city on the Washington Mall where thousands of poor people from across the United States gathered to demand that the nation “lift the load of poverty.”
But it’s been fifty years, and there are 60% more people living under the poverty line than in 1968. Disciples are invited to join the Poor People's Campaign in their rally to fight poverty - not the poor.
Christian Church Foundation offers guide to tax-smart giving
Will last year’s new tax legislation impact the giving of Disciples to your ministry? Will it impact your own giving? The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 made significant changes to the federal tax code. Many of us are anxious to see what this will mean for charitable giving, especially where our congregations are concerned. The Disciples Guide to Tax Smart Giving helps ministries and their donors understand how these changes are likely to impact giving. This guide is perfect for individual donors, stewardship teams, and trustees who want to better understand how these changes may affect charitable giving. The guide is designed to help Disciples understand how they can continue to move money to mission and respond to God’s call to be faithful stewards.
Global Ministries hosts Festival of Stories
During the month of June, Global Ministries is hosting the Festival of Stories – a time to share stories with one another about how different individuals and groups have supported Global Ministries and international partners in inspiring, creative ways. Stories will be shared through a variety of social media platforms including FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Snapchat (GlobalMinUCCDOC). You can also read some stories on the Global Ministries website
To make the Festival of Stories a success, Global Ministries wants to hear YOUR stories! Feel free to comment on a social media post, or send an email to to share meaningful ways that you have supported the ministries of international partners and Global Ministries. Global Ministries would also love to hear stories from congregations and regions.
Please plan to participate in the Festival of Stories and share in the joy of walking with international partners. Global Ministries is excited to see what stories we will share together!
Virginia region searches for regional minister
The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Virginia is the process of prayerfully discerning and seeking to call an ordained minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) to the position of Regional Minister. All interested applicants are required to provide updated search and call paper work in order to be considered. The application deadline is July 31, 2018.

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Hope Partnership offers new webinar series: New Church Hacks
Introducing a new webinar series sponsored by Hope Partnership for Missional Transformation’s New Church Ministry… New Church Hacks.
Hosted by Pastor Terrell L McTyer, Minister of New Church Strategies, New Church Hacks provides practical (and sometimes peculiar) prompts for churches from start to restart. Why only do new or better when you can be both?! NCH is jam-packed with clever solutions to tricky problem and empowers courageous leaders with the tools, tips and how-tos to start, sustain and strengthen congregations. 
The next installment in our series is June 20, 2018 at 3:00 PM EST: 11+ Hacks for Music in a New Church, Small Church or House Church.
Join the 40 Days of Moral Action
The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival has inspired people across the United States to speak up for the voiceless and care for the vulnerable. This campaign is led by North Carolina Disciples pastor Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II. To put Disciples' vision for justice into action, you can participate in the 40 Days of Moral Action in a variety of ways, from speaking out online, devoting worship time to campaign themes, and participating in local rallies.
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